Adequate infrastructure, resources,and facilities are the true freedoms we are entitled to as young people. Coming up as one of those youth who was never properly exposed to youth development programs in my township, it is very heartbreaking to watch children not gaining skills that will enable them to feed themselves, their families, or the next generation. Children are the future of the earth, we MUST prioritize them.

It’s clear that senior citizens in South Africa are happy with the path that we’ve taken as a younger generation. During their days they were collectively organized and driven by a common goal, which they are convinced has been “achieved”. Although, according to public opinion they have not. There is no emotional response to the reality that most of us are surviving below poverty line. We are victims of drugs, lack of education and training, without access to resources. There is no concern with the lack of progress in the community.

My path fortunately led me to my fellow comrades who also recognized the conditions we live in and were willing to sacrifice and take responsibility for inspiring the youth and leading them to action against injustice. Our 2018 base camp programs are working effectively as to solve the problems. The purpose of our programs is to instill hope, build committed community activists, and support creative entrepreneurs in the name of eradicating hardships. From the Roots – FTR base camp is a home and with more support from genuine stakeholders, we are able to continue developing future leaders. This project is a unique but tested formula for recruiting and uniting young great minds to revolution.

In our 1st year of operations we have registered over 20 members, all receiving benefits including free internet, consultations to help execute ideas, recording studio time, free co-working/meeting space, and access to our events and training’s.

Key Wins:

  • Assisted Njabulo Dladla and his partner to develop their artist’s management and media company called Iqulu Media.
  • Sihle Magugu established his photography and visual business called Photo Arts.
    Supporting Melody to record and promote her new Afro-soul project.
  • Rassol is getting support to understand the basic music business and to improve her image and stage presence as a performer
  • Over 35 children are part of our after school arts and academic support activities.
  • Two young up-and coming produces, Kay Gee and DJ bhuda were given the opportunity to make music in a professional studio environment.
  • We have hosted organizations including Peace Players South Africa, Iziko Lamagama, Kinokadre Community Cinema Circle, BAT Centre, and Mazisi Kunene Foundation.
  • Developed a working partnership with Butterfly Project.

Over 300 people were connected through our event, Grow Chillas Session and were provided with the platform to network, share information, make friends, perform for audience, and socialize with like-minded individuals.


For a huge township like Umlazi it has been devastating that with no youth centre and no sustainable development programs. FTR is here to change that story, if no one is giving us our freedom, we must take the initiative to free ourselves.

More FTR base camps, and greater resources for the community are coming!

FTR – Blog by Phumlani Ndwandwe

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