From The Roots provides training and educational opportunities for community leaders, supporting them in their personal and professional development as they work to create change in their local environments. We do this in-person at our Base Camp, at special events and workshops, and online through webinars, trainings and virtual learning. Our constantly developing curriculum covers computer skills, budgeting and finance, leadership, business planning and development, and more.


From The Roots provides support to self-starting leaders, empowering them to turn their ideas into reality. This comprehensive whole-person development offering takes the form of formal coaching and consultation, informal discussion, and technical support to help launch and grow new ventures. Our signature Fellowship Program combines this support into a five-year Leadership Development pathway for emerging social entrepreneurs.


Both in person and online, our community is a cross-section of activists, artists, and entrepreneurs dedicated to fighting injustice and creating change. We work to support this network of passionate individuals by providing safe physical spaces with access to community resources, including computers and the internet, and opportunities to connect, collaborate and inspire each other. Our international exchanges provide individuals and groups the opportunity to travel abroad to From the Roots sites in Durban, South Africa and Chicago, USA to foster cross-cultural understanding and have life-changing experiences.